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18 May

imageMay 16. That marks the fifth anniversary of my brother’s death.

By his late 30’s and 1,000’s of cigarette packets later, he had been a Banker in Switzerland, had a couple of heart attacks, bypass surgery and retired. I was living in Japan and started running. He won $250,000 on Who Wants To Be  A Millionaire, bought Don Bradman’s baggy green from the Invincibles tour… and then, by the time Tim was in his late 40’s… he was dead. I received the phone call that he had had a fatal heart attack as I was running the North Face 100 kms in the Blue Mountains in 2009. I was at the 81km mark at the bottom of a huge hill we call Kedumba. I had no mobile phone reception until then and decided to finish the race. I had my hand heavily bandaged after surgery to repair nerves and fractures after a crush injury and my dog had just died… that was a huge unlucky 3. Nothing more could go wrong.

So today I packed up my tent super early to try to get into a town with reception.


My other brother ( yeah, the one that’s still around…) had emailed me stuff about my Dad that needed addressing….. Sort of sad day as it was supposed to be a day  to just think about Tim…. Being in Switzerland and all.

Rosie messaged me to say she was eating Tim Tams for Tim. Love that girl. Thanks for remembering. Then I went all crazy when I saw a Bernese Mountain dog and started crying.


Anyhow. It was a super windy day, trees down and I wasn’t about to pay Swiss over the top money for a room while I’m miserable, so I camped out in my tent to see just how miserable I could be.