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Day of Doon

21 Sep

Day 7 was full of head winds and dunes. Ran with the other 4 guys and kept the pace in the last 11kms to an easy pace to conserve our quads. Time 6:31
The first week over, we are now settling into a steady pace with dunes for the next week. No civilisation to speak of. Water and fuel scarce, so conserving what we can. The head games have started with Rowdy reckoning we only have 5 days to go as nobody would pull the pin on day 13, 14 or 15….
308 kms done and feeling fresh (unlike the bush toilet set up in the heat) Talking of toilets, when we finished there tumble weeds flying high in the sky and picked up the toilet tent and moved it 50 metres… shame Merryl wasn’t on it.
Will know more in the morning if my quads are good when I try to get dressed and pack up my kit in my tent. Thanks to everyone who have sent me messages of support. Love hearing from you.