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Solo pilgrims shalt not accept lifts from hot French guys.

1 May

Calais to Licques. The book says 58 Kms. That’s if you stay on course. I didn’t just “get lost” .. I was off the effing map.
First stop today, the markets in Calais. I managed to buy myself a banana and baguette without any help. I was a tad peckish post neglect yesterday.
Next up a detour to see Rodin’s Burghers of Calais until I realised I wasn’t here for a holiday.💅
Apart from getting seriously lost and stuffing around for far too long, the scenery was pleasant enough. My pack felt like someone had shoved concrete in it and getting offered a lift from a hot French guy almost made me fold. Not really. I’ll wait for George Clooney when I’m in Italy. Again I was wondering what I was going to do for the night. No campgrounds and no off track grassy knoll to hide away in. I knew if I could get to Licques early enough, there were two Benedictine Abbeys that accommodate pilgrims. Getting lost made sure I wasn’t there before 8 pm.

Well, as you have it, the bells were going off at Saint Paul Abbey as I went past, so I tried to break in. Nup. Nothing happening there. I probably would have had more luck if I’d been found in the chapel praying but it’s just not my gig.
So on I trudged up a big hill to Notre Dame Abby. Nup.. Door locked there as well. I got onto Google Translate to check a few words on the door when ” voila” Julie Andrews all dressed up emerged… A premonition that gets as close to seeing God that I will ever experience.🙏
So here I am lying in bed looking at the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus on the mantelpiece. 👼
Sweet dreams, tomorrow I will be cleansed of lossdom. IMG_1469