Stinking hot.

9 Jun

Kept awake by barking dogs most of the night, so got up early, packed tent away for maybe the last time? A hand written note 30 cms from where I was sleeping spooked me a bit when I woke. Made me realise how a tent has no security…. that’s my tent zip in the bottom left hand corner of the photo!IMG_1781

Beautiful around the lake before the rest of the world woke.

Strolled around Montefiascone and then on to Viterbo and Vetralla. 56kms on the Garmin.
I was hoping to sleep at Monasterio Regina Pacis in Vetralla. The prices are rising the closer I get to Rome. These dudes wanted €30 but I told them I’d rather eat in my room than get some weird ritual placed upon me again and the price dropped to €20.IMG_1797

Good deal. They wanted to give me breakfast but not when I said I wanted to leave at 6 am.
The weather is stinking hot. Can’t believe the extremes I’ve had. Only a few weeks ago freezing conditions traversing snow.
So up and ready to go at 6 and I’m locked in. Took a bit of noise and 20 mins of walking around before Julie Andrews shows up to let me out….
Few hurdles still to overcome… my Visa card is very close to being in two pieces and I’ve hardly used it. Really wrapping myself in cotton wool and nothing (not even the German chick that coughed all night last night) will stop me getting to Rome.
Plan to not bush bash anymore after a shocker in a field yesterday.. Looked like a typical snaky spot and had prickles and welts all over my battered body. Massive shout out to Roger for getting my GPS waypoints loaded for the final 300kms. Saved me big time. Mwah xxxxx
Off to Formello via Capranica and Sutri for my last 50 plus km day. Temps expected in mid 30’s😩

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2 Responses to “Stinking hot.”

  1. pipcandrick June 9, 2014 at 2:43 pm #

    Oh god JT you sound truly battered, can’t ever imagine what runs (pardon the pun) through your mind on these final days of your journey, there are no more words to describe you now 😦 but love you and miss you, hurry up and get that bloody stamp would you :)xx

    • janetrumper June 12, 2014 at 3:13 am #

      Battered bruised and healing 🙂 see you soon Pip! xx

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