More mud, mountains and MAMILS in Tuscany

2 Jun

IMG_1691Hey! NO RAIN today!!! 55 Kms of blue sky on the Sabbath. Left Pietrasanta early after sleeping on top of the Italian guy last night…. He must have gone to the bathroom 5 times overnight and was generally keeping the rest of us awake.. Me more so as the bunks kept moving.
Thought there were going to be monster hills early on today, guide said it was “fairly strenuous” Pfft.
Nothing to complain about but trying to skirt the mud pits. At one point got totally stung by prickles on legs, arms and hands (bloody idiot decided to hang on to them…) You know those stings like fire ants when your hairs stand on end like you’re being shocked… I must have reached 6 feet tall looking like that 😉
Arrggh… Just found a tic! (I was perusing my newly aquired scratches) Hope he’s the only one. Had to do a surgical extraction after only getting half of him out.. Lucky for 25 gauge needles.. I’ve got a room with 5 beds in it all to myself (and the parasites I’m feeding)

The middle aged men in Lycra ( MAMILS) were out in full force today. Really tried to get a photo of the peloton as it came towards me but was to busy staking my claim to 6 inches of space.

Went through Lucca. Pretty city. I think I like the cities I go through on the weekends where everyone looks relaxed.

I was hoping to get to Altopascio as there is Pilgrim accommodation (looks like it’s run by Tourist office/council). Why Pilgrim accommodation I hear you say?
Firstly, he who has to be obeyed had messaged me to ask me not to camp in any gravel pits/ side of the road, pitch my tent style that I was becoming quite fond of. I told him he could up my life insurance but he said the house needs cleaning and needs me home.
Also, I will never be a Pilgrim again, so may as well make the most of what they offer to us. There is never a question of whether this is a religious, cultural, personal, whatever pilgrimage. As long as you have proof of what you are doing, the doors are open.. Until full. It’s also a hell of a lot easier charging phone, GPS and Garmin via a powerpoint. My tent doesn’t have one of them….Damn it! Another tic!!

My Pilgrim Passport. The bit I blocked says “May God hold you safely in the palm of his hand” I know I’m small, but I’m not that small.


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