Cow shit. Ankle deep. New shoes :(

17 May

IMG_1542So, the reason for a cycle route is to stop the Lycra clad getting shit in their cleats?
I had cow crap up to my ankles.

The day was beautiful. Until then. I had a huge climb out of Besancon and scenic every minute.

Francis was happy to cycle beside me for most of the day on the road sections, he’d then turn back to get the car and give me enough time to get totally lost on the trail bits.
I took a 5 km extension on one trail making him wonder where the hell I’d got to and had another 500 metre section that cut out a bit of road…. Through a field with cows. As I neared the beasts they all started following me only centimetres behind. I’d been cornered into the area I wanted to go but it was a swamp of shit.
Shoes and ankles submerged in the crap.

Another bit of trail had me lost on logging tracks. Being later in the day with no food on me (yes, yes, it was only supposed to be a couple of hundred metres)
I was lucky to have my GPS to bush bash through forest again to any road I could see on the device. A 1 km section taking an hour…. wet, cold and looking forward to the opposite, we called it a day. Beer, wine, a curry, shower and a bit of a clean up of one very shitty runner.



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