Vicious winds and howling canines.

12 May

So I planned yesterday to get to Arc-en-Barrois as it had a campsite at the entrance to town. Well seeing I got so lost in the forest, I entered town from the north west, not the south east…. so walked through what looked like a ghost town hoping I’d find a campground like the one with my Belgian friends and a bar. Not. The only things there were two campervans and a toilet block.
Tent pitched and me in hiding from axe murderers in the campervans.
Up early to get a chunk of the distance to Besancon done. Thinking to be there Tuesday night would be aiming high.
Good news of the day… I did NOT get lost… And I saw my first wild bambi. Scared the crap out of me but not as much as my next wild animal.

I’m strolling along reading directions into the next town when I hear dogs barking. I look over to see this black dog tied up. But there’s another one bolting towards me. Shit. He lunges at me and all I have to fend him off is my book. Hoping it has spiritual powers to calm vicious canines, I show it the cover and speak in tongues. Crap! It worked. He ran back to where his tied up mate was but only until I lost my guard and he came at me again. Same scenario. Must carry tent pole in future.
The wind had picked up pretty horribly and then down that wet stuff came. It was freezing. I was cold to the bone enough that everything hurt. I was running through Langres looking like a drowned rat when I saw the door to the cathedral open. I peaked inside but it was so dark and cold in there. I didn’t get that inner warmth expected from God on a Sunday.🙏

Knowing that there was no hotel available for at least the next 36 Kms, I had to make a decision to either carry on freezing and pitch my tent later or find a hotel in Langres. I’d just passed the last affordable hotel and there was a Maccas up ahead. Yep. I bought my first hot meal alone at Maccas. I sat in there looking at the howling wind and decided to call it a day. 42 Kms
My spot was glowing red from low battery or no satellite, my Garmin had died (probably from dodgy charging in tent last night) and I think my body was in need of a red hot charge as well.
I spent 20 mins in the shower with the water as hot as it would go trying to warm up wondering when I would lose my hirsute hippy look.


2 Responses to “Vicious winds and howling canines.”

  1. Kay Haarsma May 12, 2014 at 1:39 pm #

    Just found your blog Jane. Wonderful run to do, even if painful along the way. I’m trying to visualise what tent (type) you have that fits into the bag and I gather its waterproof? You are travelling very light – wow. (Friend of Adam& Sarah Connor & David Baldwin & Julie. I crewed for David 2 years ago.)

    • janetrumper May 12, 2014 at 1:47 pm #

      It’s made by z packs and out of Cuban fibre ( google zpacks) weighs about 600gms

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