Who irons pillow cases?

11 May


I said a fond farewell to Madame Collumbar after a bowl of cafe and some sort of stale toast. Not complaining… Who in their right mind in their late 80s irons pillow cases??
It was another blustery day with bloody wind farms heckling me and proving how fricken windy it really was. My lips have 10 layers of scab just to prove it.
The plan was to get to a place called Bar-sur-Aube. I’d read it was kinda nice and there was pilgrim accommodation in the presbytere and it looked pretty cool (historically speaking)

All up it was a pretty boring day until I got to my digs for the night. This pilgrim stuff goes down a treat. They showed me to my room, where the shower and toilet was and I hibernated for the night😴 Never even asked me to Hail Mary or nothing.
In the morning, I’m just about to leave, donation left on the desk in my room and there’s a knock on my door… Would I like cafe and breakfast… Why, but of course, thank you ..

My window and room for the night is below right.


This “donation” thing takes a bit of tweaking in each place. You don’t want to give too much ( for the next poor pilgrim that turns up to look like a tight arse) but you want to appreciate what they have done.
Needless to say, I gave these guys more because they didn’t make me pray for 30 mins and I couldn’t see a bar I couldn’t get to from my room😉



Digs in Bar sur Aube



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