One must never underestimate the burden we carry on our backs…

3 May


So, where was I? Oh that’s right..,
Wisques. A population of 146, so you can see why I have problems finding somewhere to stay.
Had a wonderful sleep, even if the bed squeaked … 😉
Next morning, made myself a cuppa (first one since I left Canada) and got on the road. My room is bottom left.. Virgin Mary, baby Jesus and moi.
It rained, there was mud. I stopped in a village to get some cash (first automatic teller I’d seen in France) A while later, about 20kms into the day, I came across a Pilgrim! Peter, English, married to a Jane. He’d fallen down the stairs at St Paul’s Abbey (they were probably delivering first aid while I was knocking on the door last night) and had injured his foot. It was nice to chat with him for a while before he called it a day and I trudged on, he’s looking at finishing in August and I’m looking at June, so couldn’t really stay with him for too long. I reached Divion about 45 Kms on and knocked on the camp ground door …. It was maybe 5:30pm? No answer. Nothing. I’m going to have to call it a day much earlier if I expect a bed anywhere. So, on I went. Another 5?Kms later I spotted something VERY familiar… A gravel pit!! Gaz and Janet would be so proud.;) (spent nights sleeping in gravel pits on my run across the Kimberley’s)
It was pouring and I found a small piece of mud not quite big enough to pitch my tent and managed to get inside and felt quite liberated.. for a while. My tent pegs barely getting into the ground ensured I’d be sitting bolt upright at 3am in a collapsing tent. Anyhoo … Lessons being learned.
Should have taken a photo so you all could have a laugh.
Raining at dawn, worms crawling all over the outside of my tent. You all wish you were here right now? Yes?
Spent an eternity trying to get my shit sorted in the rain minus as much mud as I could leave behind.
Next stop Arras. I was pretty happy after spending a day without getting lost, but that wasn’t about to continue. To cut a long story short, I found Arras ( population over 40,000) but took me an extra 10 /15 Kms to find “Arras”. Let’s keep it nice and just say it was like finding Manly instead of Sydney….

IMG_1471This is NOT Arras….
Desperate to get a stamp in my Pilgrim passport from the cathedral that wasn’t opening it’s doors till 14:00, I decided to call it a short day, find a room, dry out my tent and gear, shower and have a peak at the flesh wound festering on my back from my pack. Will post photos if it gets ugly enough….
Legs are great after around 200 km, head is so so. Plenty of times today I was wishing I was working with Hoots or Steph. As Adam says, maybe things can only get better…

Note: Peter Pilgrim pulled out a few days later and will attempt the Via again when his foot recovers.


2 Responses to “One must never underestimate the burden we carry on our backs…”

  1. otisr May 3, 2014 at 5:56 am #

    Wow. That’s tough as nails. Keep it up. I’m jealous (well, of some parts anyway)

  2. Dan May 3, 2014 at 7:13 am #

    Sounds like a true adventure Jane. When the shit hits the fan remember that is what will make the BEST stories when your back home. Enjoy your time there and all the best. Dan

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