Chest pain and getting fit before the big run…..

15 Mar

Getting chest pain in a New York taxi on my way to JFK airport last November was something I would have liked to ignore. I had run a marathon every day for the last week with no issues, however, with my brother dying from heart disease in his 40’s, I was going to do the right thing and have it investigated…. at some stage. Maybe after Coast 2 Kosci in December. I just won’t tell anyone about the chest pain. How stupid. Anyway, I told the race medic the morning we started 240km run, just not my crew.

To cut a long story short, in January, I ended up having a CT Angio. Here is a pretty picture of my heart. 🙂photo(12)

Yes, that belongs to me. Calcium score ZERO. Yay.  F^** family history. As they say, heart disease runs in my family, but then again, nobody runs.

I also had a mammogram, but I won’t show you a picture of that….. and I went to the Dentist. I even had a spot cut out of my shoulder. I’m ticking all those things off before I escape for a few months.

After my achilles tear in December, I stopped running for 6 weeks. It took patience. Knowing I had bigger fish to fry this year, nothing was going to keep me injured. I walked, swam, did my exercises. I didn’t want to be the person that complains about an injury but continues to run.

Getting a sub 4 hour marathon in Tokyo, running another marathon the next week and then 6ft Track with an 8 kg backpack the next week has given me the confidence to get out and tackle something long in Europe after I return to Boston next month. Boston. I am sure it will be an incredibly emotional time for all involved. Running the last 8kms with the Race Director, Dave McGillivray late October was a very special moment for me and has given me an even more do or die attitude.Hence my next adventure.

When I go, I want nothing left in my tank.


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