My 100th Marathon. Sydney. September 16th.

19 Nov

So it’s just a number. My 100th marathon was really all about being surrounded by so many great running friends and my family. One of my great running buddies, Keith Hong, had arranged special bibs for people to run with, drinks at the finish and made my day special. Before the day I was really looking forward to doing marathon #101 and moving past all the hype, but when September 16 came, it was just like going to a big party. I had never not finished a marathon and even thought it could be kinda fun to make today the day….. fall over just before the finish line? I did feel I’d hit 100 a while ago with some of the “unofficial” marathons like Great Ocean Road (45kms) and 6Ft Track (45kms)
I was a member of North America’s 100 marathon club ages ago as they count all ultras like Coast To Kosciuszko (250kms) as a marathon!
I had decided that it would be more fun to be one of the official pacers and run around with a flag encouraging runners than trying to get a good time. What a great decision. The pressure was off and all I had to concentrate on was keeping each kilometre split evenly paced. I ran as the official 4:30 pacer with Duncan and had a ball. Lots of runners on our bus and off our bus…. It was great to encourage others. Last time I’d run around 4.20 in Sydney for the marathon, it involved stopping off for a beer in Oxford St at 10 am with Blue Dog, so 4:30 should be easy 😉

Photo taken by mate Marcus Warner in Centennial Park.
There were plenty of friends running and the out and back sections gave me time to see lots of mates. With daughter Sal doing the 21kms, I had her better half, Todd, running with me in his first marathon, Pete my husband, mates like Richo all made for a special day. The last km to the finish was lined with so many friends. It was like my own wedding reception line…..
So, what’s next? My crazy mate Ray is up to around 150 marathons and has already talked about wanting a lot more. I blame him for some of my craziness… including running my 1st 100 miler with him. I don’t know what’s next. I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. One of my kids asked me the other day “When was the last time you went away for a night that didn’t involve a run?” I don’t know the answer…. I can’t remember.
I think I’m looking more towards a few more outback adventures which may slightly slow down my marathon count. I need to mix it up a bit and hell knows at 51, maybe I might start to enjoy crochet?…. doubt it though… 😉


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