Mt Solitary. 45kms of “fun” 3,000 metres of ascent…

21 Aug

What a great Sunday. Up at sparrow’s fart to meet up with chauffeur David (also photographer extraordinaire), Kathy and Colette. Thanks to Adam for his car pooling organisation. Adam or more affectionately known as “KAOS” and I have known each other since Mt Sol last year. My kids were quite disturbed when I told them last year that I was being driven to the Blue Mountains by some guy I had never met… called Kaos..  I was very quickly reminded of safety issues and #1 daughter wanted his rego # as soon as I got in the car 😉 Anyhoo… this year we arrived in plenty of time with a frenzy of trusty parking attendants. Ben has far too much faith in people’s driving skills at 6am. Seems everyone stopped before they hit him….Posted Image
Sean and Mel were as usual up early smiling and directing all runners in the right direction to gear check with Jo, then to Dean and Jo for race #.
Had to put up with the typical banter from Sarge…..who is so much nicer after I’ve had a wine or two.
The weather was cold at the start but how great was it to have such a clear day after missing out on the view from the top last year. I ran with so many talkative, lovely people. What a warm fuzzy vibe the whole day was blanketed in.
The top of Furber was like a slice of heaven with a decent slurp of coke from Buzz, Dean and Julie from Pink First Aid (I think she realized that the Hoka wearers don’t get blisters after I went through…)
The last 10kms from Jamison Valley and up Kedumba is always emotional for me. Remembering the phone call at the water crossing in TNF 3 years ago to say my brother had just died just gets me….. and then Kedumba. It’s so good to be alive and surrounded by such motivated, decent, happy, inspirational people in such a beautiful place.
To finish a run like that and have Luis throwing his rug over my shoulders, Buzz giving me his parka, Jaci sitting me in a chair and giving me someone else’s hard earned coke, Marty shouting me a can of soft drink….. did I look that bad?? I felt like shit…….I don’t think it was from looking at Halfwaydown’s feet :Sick: …. I definitely didn’t eat enough. During the run I had one gel (not my favourite form of calories), two electrolyte tablets, two caffeine tabs, 2L water and an Up and Go. Coke, one piece of banana and watermelon at the 24km CP.
However…. I was very happy with my time. I was hoping to beat last year’s 8:22 and sneak in under 8 hours. So 7:39 was better than I imagined. It was nice to not be worried about seeing sweepers Brick and Jo behind me.
Felt seriously sorry for Helen and Ben on the timing having to listen to Luke on the mic for so long…..BUT Luke you are better to listen to than look at. :unsure:
Pretty sure the car on the way home was full of nitrous oxide. Four very happy people and great new friends.
Thanks to all involved for putting on such a tough event with so many smiling, fabulous faces.


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