Perth Marathon … June 17

12 Jul

So what do you do when you get back from Macleay River marathon with no run planned the next weekend? Thanks to Jaci’s little nudge, I booked some flights and entered Perth Marathon. Being able to catch up with my cousins, aunt and uncle on the Saturday afternoon, spend the night with Jaci and her sister Ruth and run Sunday made it a very enjoyable one night away.
With a sub 4hr marathon last week, the plan was to run by feel and enjoy the scenery in the city I’ve only been back to one other time since I was born.
I was pretty surprised at the 30 km mark when I was ahead of a 4hr marathon but by 34kms I had some pain in my chest that I had never had before. The reason this blog entry is a little late is probably because I didn’t want to write about chest pain and then go off and run 4 marathons in 8 days.
I was reduced to a walk which eased the pain. After the death of my brother Tim in his 40’s from a heart attack, I wasn’t going to ignore the signs. Breathing was fine and I had no trouble taking a deep breath, Pretty sure it wasn’t cardiac….. but I wanted a “seat” on the plane. It felt almost muscular and originated from near my right pec. I wasn’t prepared to give myself a little “HTFU” talk, slowed down and let the pain subside. After a few kms, I was feeling more confident that it was muscular, went into a bit of a trot finishing with a beating heart in 4hrs and 4minutes.
Happy to say that I haven’t felt the pain again.


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