Gold Coast Marathon July 1st 2012

12 Jul

The first weekend in July for the last 9 years has been up running the Gold Coast marathon with as many of the family that cares to join me.
This year I had all 3 kids and #1 daughter’s boyfriend all entered in the Half Marathon and Pete and I booked in for the full as usual. Some had done more training than others…. shame it really doesn’t show in the results. Charlie (17) spends all his time studying for his HSC and no time training…. finishing in 1:43:43. Hate to see what he could do with some training, but he has been doing the Half for a while…

Todd will beat him next year and the girls will be a little more competitive and have “less” fun…
Pete and I set off together as usual. Him on fresh legs, me in my usual state 😉
Stayed with him till around 15kms and decided to give him the flick…. my agenda this year is not thrashing myself the week before Cairns (3 trail marathons in 3 days)
I was feeling pretty good and was on target for another sub 4 hour marathon…. couldn’t be happier. Pete on the other hand was just about to do the unthinkable…. smashing(?) our joint PB by 60 seconds……….. (bastard…) coming in at 3:44:05.
I was thrilled with my 3:55 but a bit pissed to now have a softer PB than him….. Next year, maybe, I will train for a faster marathon time…. maybe.:)
Great long weekend away catching up with a wonderful bunch of people.


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