Macleay River Marathon

26 Jun

This small town marathon at South West Rocks is one of my favourite weekends away. Always on the June long weekend, I managed to get daughter #1 and her boyfriend to tag along. Weather was a shocker on the Saturday but cleared for Sunday morning and we had perfect weather until we scrubbed up after the marathon. We were sitting in the pub when the downpour began on Sunday afternoon.

I was expecting to take it easy after Glow Worm Trail marathon last weekend. Thought a 4:15 would be achievable. The legs would be tired by 30kms after such a monster of a session at Glow Worm. I ran by myself for most of the run. I got through the first 21kms at the turnaround in about 1:56 and was still thinkng 4:15 would be good. Had no idea just how those legs would feel at 35kms. Passing a guy walking was the aim. With the ink on my calf letting everyone know that I was in the 50-59 age category, I was pretty determined to run past those young whipper snappers after 30kms. I ran up a hill at 32kms and mentally told myself that a Boston qualifier of sub 4:05 was on the cards. I don’t need to walk. Keep running Small. The last hill was runnable. “Should be good for a 4:03” I got to the top of the last hill and could hear the commentary at the finish line. How far did I have to go??  Watch was on 3:57 something   oh, SHIT… I can do it!! Sub 4 was on the offering…. with the added obstacle of some van reversing, driving forward, reversing with only 30 metres to go (some idiot trying to get the closest car park possible..). Had to throw my arms up and yell STOP to get their attention… and  looked up at the clock to see 3:59:50 (Gun time) Didn’t know if our chips were recognised at the start or if Gun was it.  I made the decision to run behind the van. Luckily I wasn’t at the front of the runners when we started… With the gun time being close to 4hours, I was happy to have the official time of 3:59:45…  Marathon #91 done. With Ray, Tesso and Wayne around, the weekend is always fun.. but I missed the company of Blue Dog and Bernie. The course is definitely longer with the new bridge… 😉
#1 Daughter and her boyfriend  had a ball running the half and want to do it again next year (yeah, they liked the pub too…)


One Response to “Macleay River Marathon”

  1. Dan June 27, 2012 at 8:48 am #

    Good Story Jane, I always enjoy your running stories. Hope to share a few of mine next year too. Dan

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