A crew’s perspective. Notes from Janet and Garry :)

7 May

This post was written by Janet after reading a day or two of my blog and thinking I had it all wrong…..  enjoy the humour and the different perspective…. I can’t tell you how lucky I was to find these people to crew for me.

March 31st……  After picking Jane and Suse up at the airport we headed out to the vehicle where Jane  tried to tell Garry how to pack the car. He said you do your job and I’ll do mine and then the fun began. Heading on to Kulgera, Jane, after having an ice cream  and the last comfort stop for 10 days, directed us out to Lambert’s centre. She had put us back on the main highway and heading to Adelaide ……….Jane had told us she had been there before no wonder Garry and Janet got worried.

Day 1……..After getting Jane and Suse off running, Garry packed up the camp all our stuff was packed up no problem, then came the time to pack up Suse and Jane’s 3 second tents..  20 minutes later and after a few choice swearwords from Garry he finally squeeeeeeezed the tents into their bags as Janet stood watching and trying not to laugh too loud.!!!

Day 2……. Headed out to Mt. Dare after taking 15 minutes to pack those bloody 3 second tents…. Arrived at Mt. Dare and Suse went off for a shower, Janet was busting for the loo and after flushing couldn’t believe all the “things” coming out of the lip of the toilet as she flushed…It was only 10 frogs climbing all over the inside of the toilet and not letting go YUKK !! So then she wasn’t prepared to go into the shower for fear of what was in there ! Garry decided after getting water and refuelling he would go ferral (his words) and not shower either . Carried on further down the road until we came to a great camping site or so we thought !!!…. well what a night we were all in for…. Not only were the mozzies having a feast on our lovely skin but the flies were carrying us away. Eventually we all retired to bed a little pale from loss of blood and a little more iron deficient. After getting settled chaos erupted with Cyclone Dare arriving. Garry flew out of the tent with Janet hot on his heels to pack away all the camping gear before it got blown away. Suse called out “do you need a hand?” to which Garry replied ” NO stay in you tent so it won’t blow away ” 1/2 an hour later with everything packed away calm was once again restored .

Day 3….. Packed up once again Garry down to 10 minutes on the 3 second tents of the girls… He felt concerned so did a  head count and  camp search looking for a dead body to explain the amount of blood left on the fly screen of the girls tent. Once everyone was accounted for we headed for Dalhousie Springs .

Day 5………….. Great camping spot found by Garry …………. Ellis telling funny stories…. like the one about Peters sheep are so old they are old enough to vote!!!!.  The search for the elusive camel for Suse to see continues…

Day 8……….. Garry and Janet were seeing the mental focus now needed for Jane to finish the job… she was getting a little despondent towards the end of the day regarding eating. She was even refusing her BANANA CAKE… so after a think tank in the car between Garry, Janet and Suse we came up with some nice tasty noodles to offer her in the hope she would eat some.. The dilemma now was how to entice her to want them .. Garry to the rescue… So over the 2 way radio he said, ” Haawhoa Miss Jane, you come my howse ….. you have happy noodle….. make you feel goowd.”….  Jane appeared over a dune laughing and had some noodles which kept her going….


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