Day 8 …… Poeppel to 544kms.

26 Apr

So what do you do on Easter Sunday? Get up to a beautiful sunrise and run a bit. I was hoping that the clouds would hang around today…… yeah, right.

The plan was a 66 km day. Numbers were playing in my head every day. There is supposed to be 166kms from Poeppel Corner to Birdsville…. That means a total of 641kms.. BUT…  With the water and detours I was banking on having to run an extra 20kms. So Plan A was to run 66kms as I would only have to run shorter Day 9 and 10.

We started the day running north next to Poeppel Lake to get to the QAA line and then continued East. For 10 kms we were between dunes/next to lake so it was great to stretch the legs early in the day.

The sand was turning red again and the salt pan crossings mixed it up a bit with the dunes.  I was so happy with the way everything was going to plan. My feet were happy in Hoka Bondi B’s and injinji socks, absolutely NO chafing with any of my clothes. Skirts Sports had decked me out in awesome gear and every day was different thanks to being happy with changing outfits! Legs felt fresh every morning maybe thanks to Zensah calf guards? All was looking good.

We were getting closer to Big Red and that meant more traffic. One salt pan had 4 or 5 cars waiting for me to cross, giving my crew time to rob from the rich and give to Bear Cottage 🙂

I spent too much time talking today… but not as much as Janet who was hot on the radio checking out people’s campsites.

Pretty devastated when some guy starts up a conversation with her involving stopping off for a wine. Could hear them on the radio and way before I saw them on the side of the track…. note I am drinking WATER!!

Janet decided on a Wild Turkey….. 🙂

Had my first stuff up with my Garmin today. It didn’t charge fully last night and I spent time running with a battery pack that wouldn’t charge it unless I had my fingers rolling the batteries around… (don’t think the usb portable rechargers work well when you are running!!!!!) Turning itself off I was devastated but really think I only lost a few kms. No big deal. (would be a big deal if my total run read 649kms….)

Awesome campsite tonight with dingoes hanging…. and howling. Made sure all my stuff was in my tent. They were still hanging when I woke up.


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