Day 7 to Poeppel Corner 478kms

25 Apr

I think back on today as one of my favourites. The sand had gone from red to white, the scenery had changed and I just felt good. I also had a name to get to instead of a distance. Poeppel Corner. We crossed a few salt pans and enjoyed the break from monotonous dunes for a short time.

Suse had left me by around 9 each morning. I loved the time we spent just running. No looking at our watches while we paced ourselves to a sub 4 marathon, just fun running. Like when we started running together in Japan.

If I was going loopy, it was today.  I was talking to myself…..

By midday I was sick of my ipod and just thought about stuff. Anything that came into my head. Some days it was a bit like therapy, other days ……  I started to look at the rats holes like they were elaborate Moroccan Villas…… the whole place was looking like some fancy zoo. Of, that’s right…. this is what the zoo guys try to replicate….. duh.

There had been much discussion about the safety of crossing Poeppel Lake as some cars had been bogged and required assistance. I was getting more assertive in telling the crew that I wanted no surprises in the last few days. If there was an issue, I wanted to know about it so I could be mentally and physically prepared for extra kilometres and time on my feet. So… I asked every car that was travelling from East to West what to expect and how bad was the track. I sent both vehicles ahead to check out the conditions. We had planned to camp at Poeppel Corner just the other side of this…. Poeppel Lake.

Apart from my calves being tight, I felt great. No issue with my quads and hamstrings. Feet were remarkably good. I was looking forward to reaching the border of South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland…. Poeppel Corner. The cars made it across and took off to set up camp, leaving me to run the last couple of Kms. I navigated the slippery track across the lake and made my way up the track on the other side and followed the sign to Birdsville…. that I shouldn’t have. I radioed ahead to find out that they had gone left to Poeppel Corner back down the road. Yes, the radio was worth having. One kilometre that I didn’t need to do.

Total distance 478kms with 67kms done today.


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