Day 6.. 66kms of dunes.

24 Apr

Day 6 was monotonous. There were dunes. My feet felt great now that the rocks had gone and my blisters had totally healed. Don’t ask me how I managed to keep up the 66 plus km days without blisters. The Hokas were awesome. I was still running in just the one pair with injinji socks.. some sand was managing to get into my shoes but I was still happy running. I only took my shoes off once today…. to empty them of the red sand.

The heat was turned down to 38C and I was feeling pretty relaxed about finishing the run in 10 days. Still, plenty of time for everything to turn to sh**. Just keep with the plan Jane.

The highlight of each day was seeing the support guys up ahead. A few minutes talking and sitting and having food shoved in my face. I wasn’t eating as much as I expected and was leaning towards savoury stuff. My weight was a pretty consistent 54 kgs each day, so I was content with my nutrition and hydration. Get that wrong and it’s hasta la vista baby…

I love this photo. Janet was a stranger at Alice Springs airport. How quickly things changed 🙂

There were heaps of dead rats on the track today. Not much wildlife at all. One rabbit early in the day…… one? Since when do you EVER see just ONE rabbit? I still hadn’t seen a camel and we started to question the prints we were seeing.

The flies were unbearable. I had to wear my ipod just to stop the buzzing in my ears. The fly net was hot, but I’d be eating far too much protein or inhaling them straight into my lungs if I tried to run without it. At times there would be so many hanging onto the net I could hardly see through it. The black bits in my creamed rice were not sultanas…

The highlight of today was running past the 352km mark from last year. No fires yet…….. I didn’t want any disaster like that this year. I was pretty thrilled with the way I had got of my arse and organised this. I could start running when I wanted, get cold drinks, run more than 44kms each day and had positive vibes from all my fabulous non-smoking crew.  All 6 of us were there to raise money for Bear Cottage, no fame or fortune, just a finish line at Birdsville and an adventure along the way.


4 Responses to “Day 6.. 66kms of dunes.”

  1. Sarah Walter April 24, 2012 at 2:11 pm #

    Hi Jane,
    Have been following your blog since the Canberra Running Festival. I met you in the toilet queue before the race- not knowing it was you. Then I saw you running along Parkes Way (recognised the skirt) and eavesdropped into your conversation for a short while (sorry), and wondered who you were but didn’t have the courage to ask. You were talking about your run from coast to Kossie- we had just walked up a couple of days before! I was dreading running along that stretch as it looked boring on paper, and my friends asked me how I went with it. I said I hardly noticed due to the interesting conversation I heard! Then the next day my husband came home saying he heard a really interesting interview on ABC about your journey. I asked him your surname, then googled it, and here I am!!!!!
    So, loving your journey.
    Myself, I am trying to raise funds for diabetes research at the next run I do. Will support your fundraising efforts too.
    Hope your Canberra run went well.

    • janetrumper April 24, 2012 at 3:49 pm #

      Hi Sarah, Please say Hi next time we cross paths! Glad I gave you something to listen to. ( I have no idea what made it interesting!)
      One day we will meet. Thanks for your interest 🙂

  2. Marina Brun-Smits April 24, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    Hi Jane,

    I am in admiration of your courage, strength and conviction – truly an inspiration and a job well done for a most deserving charity. I happened to be in Queenstown early in February attempting to participate in the inaugural Skippers Canyon Moonlight Track mountain marathon and noticed another Australian in the line up other than myself of the same vintage but I had trouble during this run and came in second (only to you) in our age category! So, of course, I wanted to see if our paths had crossed elsewhere but indeed they had not except that I know other runners who have participated in the same races as yourself and then by coincidence the story of your fabulous desert run was in one of the Sunday papers up here in Mullumbimby and, as they say, the rest is history. Anyway, maybe our paths will cross somewhere on a trail – I am attempting TNF100 in the Blue Mountains in May with a bunch of runners from QLD – have done the Glasshouse 100 last year – but noticing you have already done this one, do you have any tips?

    Cheers for now,


    • janetrumper April 24, 2012 at 9:36 pm #

      Hi Marina. I’m doing TNF for the 4th time this year. Please introduce yourself to me. What is your goal time for TNF? My biggest tip for this one is don’t hang around at CP’s if you don’t need to! I spent less than 30mins at checkpoints last year and cut over an hour off my time from the year before. Glasshouse 100 miler is definitely the easiest 100 miler in Oz if you are thinking of doing a 100 miler. Looking forward to meeting you.
      Jane 🙂

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