Day 5 Purnie Bore to somewhere in the Simpson Desert

23 Apr

For the first 4 days, I had a landmark to get to.  Finishing Day 5 was going to be forgettable. Mt Dare, Dalhousie Springs and Purnie Bore all at least had names.  Day 5 had a Km total. The temperature reached 42 C again today and I was kept cool by Ellis and Peter water spraying me at each checkpoint……. ooh yeah.

The track was sand and there was no way I didn’t know where I was going… the vegetation and heat had me worried that fires may again abandon this attempt.

I knew 350km total could have been made today, but I had planned to hit 346kms without being greedy. If I was a bloke, the testosterone would have pushed me, but I was sticking to my plan. It was only Day 5. The dunes were small and close together. The blisters on my heels were dry and almost invisible! yee haaa!!!  Garry had been concerned that they were going to get worse and wanted to give me advice. He knows a lot about the desert, first aid, EVERYTHING… but I decided to stick with what I knew as I didn’t want to wreck a beautiful relationship if what he suggested made them worse.

Carrying the radio was worthwhile today…..there were a few 4WD cars around and the guys would let me know if there was a vehicle approaching over a dune. I would see the car’s flag rising up above the hills long before they saw me.  You can imagine the shock when someone got out of a car with an envelope with my name on it. Viv works with my running friend Nat and had a message from her which was a bit like the Biggest Loser guys getting a letter from home ;(

There wasn’t too much wildlife today. One snake that I haven’t identified yet.. and a circling bird waiting for me to curl up and die.

Let me know if you know what it is….

The moon was close to full tonight. Had a beautiful run into camp. The heat had been turned down a bit and the campsite looked like Nervana. I could see it from a few kilometres away. Heaven.


2 Responses to “Day 5 Purnie Bore to somewhere in the Simpson Desert”

  1. Michael April 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    Jane, think the snake might be a banded hybrid Western Brown Snake (Pseudonaja nuchalis) – though Eastern Browns and Speckled Browns can have similar banding in juvenile stages.
    Really, you should have grabbed it’s tail and pulled it out to take a head shot for a better chance to ID it.

    • janetrumper April 23, 2012 at 4:21 pm #

      I tried that 😉 Wait till you see the oxyuranus that we encountered later in the run…. thanks for identifying it!

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