Day 3… to Dalhousie Springs

19 Apr

We had huge winds and thunderstorms overnight. A  bad night’s sleep with winds folding my tent around me if  I sat up….. better to lie down and hope my weight would keep it grounded.

Quite happy when dawn broke and the wind had died down. Wouldn’t want to run in that. With 141kms done, the plan was to get to Dalhousie Springs only 65kms away. The temperature only reached 43C today….  stinking hot still……..

The rocky terrain continued and it was frustrating not being able to get into a rhythm. Relentless rocks. I was secretly wishing for sand…… Ran past the first salt pan today and the landscape was slowly changing.

I’d had a bad night’s sleep and got a bit emotional today… thinking of my friend Gilly who was getting her first chemo today and Jake who is fighting his own cancer battle. Yeah. I can run this desert. I’m one lucky girl. Great crew, beautiful family, wonderful friends and good health.

My heels had blisters from all the uneven terrain but I was pretty convinced the Hokas and Injinji socks would keep me pretty comfortable. I was religious (??) with looking after my feet every night and all was working well.

Finished the day at 206kms done, cold shower at the camp area (I knew that was the last!) and to sleep with dingoes howling.


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