Jane’s a Fool Day … April 1st

18 Apr

End of Day 1

Hot as hell


The 12km drive is slow and a bit sandy; allow at least an hour to return to the Kulgera – Finke rd. There’s a flag pole that looks like it belongs in Canberra and marks the geographical centre of Aus, and a long drop toilet, this should stop the toilet paper confetti from decorating the bush.  This track is not maintained and is passable by 4×4 only. (1 hr, 24 km).”

So the first 12k’s is slow 🙂 Thanks to Mt Dare’s website for the info….. so here I go!

Up early, dressed and chomping at the bit. Last visit to the drop dunny and at dawn I left Lambert Centre with the trusty radio that would be my lifeline each day. With Suse by my side who had never used a hydration bladder (or a head torch for camping for that matter) we set off through some rough track for 13 kms to the dirt road that led to Finke.
Suse had retreated to the car by 9am where the temperature gauge told us the outside temp was already over 30 C.
The dead horse on the side of the road made it pretty obvious it was hot, flies were bad and I was drinking HEAPS.
I knew the terrain on Day 1 was easy as I had run it before. Nice easy flatish dirt road. As long as it didn’t get any hotter than the 38 C it was yesterday…. I’ll be right 🙂
I planned to run 70kms each day for the first 4 days… can’t be that hard.
The temp gauge in the car was rising quickly. I didn’t want to know how hot it was but I couldn’t stop asking. There was no shade outside and I was drinking around 1 litre every 5kms! I have never experienced the heat I ran through that day.
The temperature stopped rising at 45 C . Crazy heat. My support guys were amazing. They trusted my judgement and were there to give me whatever I needed.
I couldn’t stop thinking about all the guys at work wondering what they’d say if they were there beside me. They would have stopped me for health reasons and my own safety. I was questioning the whole reason why I was doing this and could I deal with more days like today. Can kidneys cope with this?
I finished the day totally spent. I had drunk over 15 litres of water and electrolyte drinks and only pee’d around 200mls all day.
A fear of failure was forefront in my mind when I retreated into my tent for the night.
70.2kms run on Day 1.


4 Responses to “Jane’s a Fool Day … April 1st”

  1. Susan Webster Griffen April 18, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    At least you alluded to the fact that this was my first “ultra” experience so retreating to the car at 9 a.m. doesn’t make me look like a complete loser. Actually, I appear to be pretty smart, relative to you! Hah!

    • janetrumper April 18, 2012 at 10:43 am #

      Running 20/30kms a day is no ultra Suse 🙂

      • Susan Webster Griffen April 18, 2012 at 11:35 am #

        It depends on whom you are talking to, Jane. I’m perfectly satisfied with myself.

      • janetrumper April 18, 2012 at 1:41 pm #

        I’m perfectly satisfied with you too 🙂

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