Day 2… a much cooler 44…..

18 Apr

Today I gathered up the courage to wear all white to combat the heat. Can’t be that many people out here with cameras 🙂

ahhh bugger it… I’ll post one 🙂

The going was tough with lots of rubble underfoot and the heat was turned up again. Most of the day was run in the Northern Territory, then crossing the border into South Australia. My back hurt. I’m guessing it was poor posture getting over the rocks. Must work on my core strength. My legs felt fresh but the ankle breakers underfoot were not to be messed with.

The plan was to run just past Mt Dare where the cars could be refueled for the last time and if anyone wanted a shower, they have facilities. The distance to Mt Dare should be around 70kms….. setting up camp a couple of kms past there was not the greatest idea. We skirted around some water on the road and camped in the most mosquito infested spot on the planet. Dropping my pants to wee was like donating a litre of blood.
Killing mozzies on the inside of my tent looked like a war zone with blood smeared on the netting like something out of Wolf Creek……….. oh crap… strangers… now I’m going to have nightmares.


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