Arriving in the Northern Territory

17 Apr

After the disaster that was the Simpson attempt 2011, I decided to trust my own organising and plan another crossing.
I would dearly have loved to run with Peter, Glenn, Lachlan and Howie again after the 352kms we enjoyed together last year
but timing for everyone wasn’t right.
I had a two week window in early April before the year would be about Charlie and his HSC and not doing some selfish two week run.
With no support vehicle on offer I put myself out there on the VKS Radio website to find someone willing to help me get across.
Enter two guys with 4WD experience from WA and SA. Total strangers, but not for long.

Saturday March 31st 2012
The day had finally arrived where I could just grab my bags, tent and my mate Suse and get on the plane heading for Alice Springs.
My father had been discharged from hospital after 4 months only a couple of days before I flew out. Being hit by a car and not being able to walk unassisted, I worried about where he would be when I got home.
The plan was foolproof….. we arrive in Alice Springs to meet two total strangers at the airport….. they drive 430 kms to Lambert Centre, set up camp, feed us and send me on my way the next morning…
and that’s exactly what happened 🙂
Meet Garry and Janet Tapper. From the moment Garry had packed all our stuff in his car, I felt safe and in good hands.
I only had one concern. The temperature at 12 midday was 38 degrees C. and it was still 38 when we arrived at Lambert Centre at 17:30. I knew early April was going to be warm, but this was my one opportunity to run the Simpson and be away for two weeks this year.
Met Brian and Sarah from Darwin that evening, nice to know someone else was going to witness me starting the adventure in the morning.
Janet and Garry cooked up a beef stirfry and my nutritional concerns also went out the camp window. Delish.
Slept pretty well in my Malamoo tent on my Oz trail self inflating mat. No sleeping bag needed, it was too hot.


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